Linux or windows hosting in nepal?

Types of Hosting Available in Nepal
If you are new to hosting and web arena and trying to host your website, you might have been prompted to  the two hosting options.
1.Linux Hosting
2.Windows Hosting

Web hosting means your files are hosted in Server(Computers) located at  some place around the world. Web servers of most of the resellers  or other web host  of Nepal is found  to be located in USA or Canada.

In general sense, Linux or Windows Hosting refers to operating system installed in the server computer either Linux or Windows.
However, as both operating system doesn’t work exactly similar ,there are different advantages and disadvantages of choosing a certain server for hosting.

Some of them can be summarized in following table:





+ Supports PHP, Mysql,Perl
runs best in Linux
- Doesn’t support aspx

Supports asp, aspx ,php and other Microsoft technologies


+99% of cases cheaper than Windows hosting

-normally expensive than linux hosting


+general believe that Linux system are more secure and less vulnerable to  virus

-relatively less secure

Web server

+Normally Apache is installed as an web server which is one of the most used web server.

-Normally IIS is used which works only on windows platform


+ It has been found that Linux handles high numbers of processes running at the same time much better than Windows

-Windows' stability decreases rapidly as more processes run on the machine.


+ Linux hosting with apache is much popular than windows hosting.

-Less popular (with less sites hosted)


+ Linux, Php  are open source so ready support available throughout the web.
Archived data, forum, news letters, Books

+Relatively less compared to Linux


+Tons of scripts available for php ,mysql based dynamic system which runs will in Linux

-Comparatively less resources. In most of the cases should rely on Microsoft help or paid scripts.


+/- The site hosted in Linux can be normally transferred to Windows.

-/+ The site Hosted in windows may not be transferrable to Linux Servers.

Just you use windows operating system doesn’t mean that you should chose Windows hosting. The choice of the web host has nothing to do with your use of windows desktop. Using Linux webhosting doesn’t mean that you should work in command line to upload and manage your files. You are provided with the graphical user interface for your file management even in Linux Hosting.

So, what have you decided?

Personally I would say Linux as the "default option" because of its widespread use, renowned stability, reliability and level of security and – not to forget - lower costs.
However, the  decision of going for Windows hosting or Linux hosting should be based on your actual needs rather than the myths. Pure HTML pages can be hosted on any type of web server, regardless of the operating system.

If you are still unsure or confused  about which type of server to use email us/contact us or call us at 01-6206685