Things to be considered before webhosting in nepal

So you have decided  to host your site?
You have decided to expand your business and provide products ,information to your current and potential clients?
You have decided to provide better support and enhance customer  relation for long run relation through web?

If ,answers  to all these questions is yes, then you are in a mission in small industry of Nepal where competition is fierce and you need to have competitive advantages to  gain chunk of total market pie.
So, in this mode era of IT , Web  can act as great  tool to achieve competitive advantage. This has been true in country like Nepal with rising educated and computer literate consumers.

So, you have  decided to setup a website for your customers (current and potential).So customers are everything  for existence of any successful business. Before setting a website ,with the goals of making service better, many things should be considered before choosing a right webhost  in Nepal. Lack of information ,conveying wrong information can cost your company and unreliability in the service can negatively affect your organization  which will hurt your overall organization goals and profit.

So , before choosing  right host in Nepal, you should  think over at least these questions:

Do you plan to host your site in some one man company or a college Guy?
Just providing space has never been so easy. A guy who has friend in US or who has PayPal account ,buys some web space  from some US based websites(most of the time overloaded servers) and they open a website here using some templates(most of the time ,very similar to one of US) and they pretend themselves to be big company and sell space here in Nepal.
It has been very common with college guys and some Technicians  of Nepal lately for the pocket money. They usually do not have  even offices and work through mobile phones and email.

So ,can your organization rely on the college guys or one man company?  

Your website site  may worth only their pocket money for them. Can you guarantee security of your WebPages. We have seen in many instances, the whole website copied by web host and used for another clients. How accountable are they? Are their accountability just limited to mobile number and emails?

Normally, these kinds of host do not have their supporting staffs and rely on email forwards  i.e. your problems are forwarded to the US server  from where he bought the reseller packages. This makes the whole process much time consuming and cumbersome.

Where does you customers live?

In recent times, there  are lots of servers hosted in Nepal. There is nothing bad with servers hosted in Nepal if your customers are only from Nepal rather it will be better as the site will be faster because of  less hops the packets(information) need to travel and because on NPIX(Local network between ISPs in Nepal).

However, if your customers(potential and current) are from all around the world, your site may suffer because of lack of sufficient bandwidth and site opens very slowly in the other parts of the world. They tend to have good support but all these are resulted in to very high host. We have found that cost differ up to 500%  for those hosted in Nepal servers and those hosted outside Nepal.

So accessing your requirements and customers location ,you should decide either you need servers located in Nepal or located outside Nepal.
More over, normally  Servers outside Nepal are considered to be more optimized giving equal performance to people all around the world and cheaper cost because of economics of scale.

Are there any hidden cost?

You should make sure that there are no hidden cost before you buy hosting. We have found many web host in Nepal with the trick that once the customer uploads all his/her website, s/he starts finding different kind of hidden cost.
He needs to pay extra for each database  or emails created or need to pay separately for many services which should have been initially bundled with the standard package. So make there that there are no artificial limitations created with the motive of collecting money later.

Once uploaded,80% people don’t bother to move their website rather than pay some extra money because of moving servers complications(changing DNS, uploading again etc).

How much space do you need?

Initially decide how much space you may need. Lots of Nepali companies are offering huge spaces. But if you don’t need that space why should be pay even pay extra rupee.

For e.g., if you plan to use some information static pages and images, you will never need 10-20gb of spaces  so why should you pay it even if somebody lures you .

Does your server goes down too frequently or is your server overloaded?

Normally ,in shared hosting space is shared among websites. Some of the host,  host too many sites in a server (or provided reseller space)  than its actual capacity because of which performance of your site degrades and site suffers.

Some cheap host  doesn’t have good supporting staff even in country where servers are located because of which servers are down too frequently because of which customers cannot get information on time.

So ,answers  to these question will save your time and keep your reputed value of your organization meeting all the goals you have set for setting up a website. Beside these, some question like:

What will be the mode of support(phone, email) ,how frequent?
Is hosting their major business?
What is possibility of your site(s) for expansion in future?
What kind of sites are there in network or server if it is shared hosting(It matters)?

So ,being careful about these questions will definitely save your time, cost and effort.

We believe hosting is much about  selling good support rather than just some bits of computer space.