PHP web hosting in Nepal

PHP web hosting in Nepal

PHP is one of the most used programming languages for web programming. Most of the web pages in the initial era of inteet were static and was meant for conveying contents (information) only. So it lacked interactivity with the visitors. To overcome this, the earlier programmer developed complex cgi routines and programs. Though it solved some of the problems and added some interactivity to the page, however cgi program used to be very complex and unnecessary long.


So as the solution, newer web programming language started to emerge. PHP has been one of the most popular web programming languages because of various reasons like

It’s free.

Its short leaing curve (relatively).

Fast resource, support and even applications available for it



If you write your web pages using php, then your web server most support PHP (i.e. PHP must be installed in your web server, from which you rent space).In Nepal most of the web host have Linux based server so they support PHP very well.

If you are trying to host web pages written in PHP some points to remember while acquiring space are:

  • Which version of PHP does the host offer? The programs written in the older version of the PHP may not work in newer version (i.e. it may not be backward compatible).At the point of this writing PHP 5.0+ is considered to be stable version.
  • If your server has older version of PHP do they support/offer any upgrade for it?


  • What are the types of the databases supported? Mysql is most used database with the php. But, even oracles, Posgrel   are used in web programming as a database. What kind of support does your web host provide for these?

You should consider your future needs (expansion) while deciding on this factor


  • Does your web server’s support all the php functions required by you?

There are lots of extensions which work as a part of PHP but may not be available with the default installation of the PHP. So, if you use these kinds of functions in your PHP pages, you should make sure that your host supports these PHP functions.

For e.g., file handling functions like fopen, graphics functions like GD and so on


  • Most PHP server is based in UNIX. So, you will be unable to use windows developed applications, such as Active Server Pages (.ASP),.NET  on your website. A windows server should be used for allowing ASP,.NET application to run and function correctly.


  • You can make use of PHP on a server by running PHP in CGI mode and using it as an apache module. By running PHP as an apache mode, the interpreter will be loaded as a part of Apache. This will lead to a faster execution of your PHP script.


  • It would be better if your Host provide shopping cart, SSL certificate mailing list software and unlimited databases. Make sure that you don’t have to pay additional charges or high cost for upgrades.

(Some of Nepali web host are initially quoting low for their package, which doesn’t cover all the facilities. The customer may not notice these and may be very happy to get hosting at cheap rates. But later they are made to each package separately which may pile up to even higher cost then normal market price. So, you should make sure that they are selling whole product in installments.)



  • Make sure that you have control over your web space and you have access to your control panel (Cpanel mostly) and emails etc. If you have to call web host to request to make a database, each table for you for your application, then it can be lots of pain and waste of time for you. So make sure that you have control over you web space.


  • Is the core business of your web host, hosting? This question may sound awkward but in Nepal many companies whose core business is not hosting are also providing web space and are in to web hosting. Most of these companies are operating this web hosting as a means of cost saving, resource sharing and so on. So, if you acquire spaces from these firms you may suffer during support and may not get full control over your space. From our experience, some does not provide even Cpanel access and some ask for additional cost for these type of actions (creating database, Cpanel access and so on).


If you are seeking perfection in your hosting, you may have to lower your standards a bit and compromise to “pretty good hosting”. In such matters, as always, the issue comes down to this matrix:

1> Price

2> Quality/Speed

3> Service/Support


You can have at most two out of three. Of course, if you are not careful, even one out three may not happen.

So make sure that you have got best host for your PHP script. Even if you code nice site with brilliant functionality, it is of no used to the visitors if it is not well deployed or if it cannot be well implemented.

So, these points will definitely help you to choose web host in Nepal.


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