How much web space and bandwidth does my website need?

Webhosting in Nepal

How much web space and bandwidth does my website need?
This is most frequently asked question in hosting business. In Nepal, hosting decision are much limited to technical manpower available in the company however there are situation where the webmaster(entrepreneurs) himself/herself has to make decision about space and bandwidth for own website.

Before we start some definition
Bandwidth: In non-technical terms, bandwidth is the diameter of a water pipe and data transfer is the amount of water that flows through it. If you're likely to have a lot of data being transferred, you should look for high bandwidth plans.
But if you are using shared hosting rather than bandwidth, you should be more conceed with Data transfer (amount of data transferred from your site in a month).

Technically it is allocated on monthly basis.3GB Data transfer means there can be 3GB data transfer for your site for the given month. If the data transferred exceeds 3GB (suppose on 25th of the month), your site won’t be accessible for remaining days (5 days) of the month.
How ever on next month, your site will get fresh 3GB, so your site will be accessible from 1st day of the month till data transfer exceeds. (So data transfer should be always equal or greater than required bandwidth for 31 days operation of the site)
 (Though technically different data transfer and Bandwidth are used interchangeably)

These decisions are very crucial for the any online business or any non ecommerce websites can largely affect websites expansion and existence in long run.

The web- entrepreneurs should always make long run vision and think of ample space for expansion of the website while decision space and bandwidth required.

Some of the things to be considered before deciding on bandwidth and space:

Type of contents in your website
Text is the lightest and requires less space and bandwidth where as high quality videos, audio requires lots of storage and high bandwidth.
If your site has lots of high quality graphics and wallpapers then you will need high space and moderate bandwidth.
The designer/programmer should compress all the possible elements.

While considering this factor, the webmaster should consider about the future as well. (Is there any plan in near future to introduce audio/video content in website?)



Another crucial factor people often tend to forget is numbers of email required for the website. Larger the number of emails required, higher is the space required.

The rule of thumb in the hosting industry is that around 2MB of storage is enough to host 10-15 web pages and 4-6 images. Using this as a guideline, you can determine how much space you'll need to host your site.

Some of ideas for keeping space and bandwidth requirement down are:

Use images, flash movies where required only. Examine the size of flash movies, images even JavaScript effects before using it in the site.
Compress it if possible.

Don’t use videos and audio contents. If required use online service like you-tube , revver to host your video for your site (and just include their code).You can make money as well with some online video hosting services. Your space and bandwidth will not be used while you host your videos/audio in these services.
Only create email accounts that are required. There is no point is allocating space for 50 emails of which 3-5 will be only used. As it will be pre allocated so if emails are not used then it will be just wastage of space.
 Ask designer and programmer to consider these space and bandwidth requirement while designing and programming .Ask them to keep it minimum through designing and programming using tricks, ideas where possible.
Technical ways
· Use CSS, call JavaScript exteally rather than embedding them in every page.
· Remove unwanted tags, white space and comments.
· Another good idea is to cache your Web site and set an expiry date in the HTTP headers so the browser will refresh the content after a certain amount of time.